My $8 Shoes

I wanted to customize some converse like shoes into a Doctor Who theme and so I went to Payless and didn’t find converse but these massive Tardis blue heels! On sale for $8 and I am all for a good deal!

They turned out awesome if I do say so myself!


I showed them off and wore them, then…

I was going to the Star Trek into Darkness one day early showing and a bet was made! I guess I was so proud of my shoes and others didn’t believe in their awesomeness (they will remain nameless, but they know who they are!) So the bet was that if someone noticed my shoes and had the bravery to tell me how awesome they are then I would get $100 dollars!

I was standing in line for the movie and no one said anything, but then again no one was looking down! sadly we headed into the theatre and not a word was said! THE MOVIE WAS AWESOMNE! 3D WAS THE BEST!

On the way out of the theatre (I left early after BC’s name came up) I waited for a little while holding my friends purse (she left even earlier to go to the bathroom) so she could get it from me. As she came back everyone else was coming out of the theatre, so I asked her to check her purse (I was stalling for time) so I could flash my shoe!

I saw someone with a twinkle in their eye as they looked down and saw my shoe, but she didn’t say anything, and my friend was done looking through her purse! Darn the small purse carrying women! The girl who spied my shoes kept on walking by me and I had given up hope, but then she stopped and I could hear her say to her friend “No, I have to say something!” and she turned around and came toward me! “A+ on those shoes! A+!” I smiled and thanked her and was jumping for joy on the inside!

I went to the same movie theatre the next day to watch the same movie (a friends cousin had missed the movie and it was a travesty that had to be corrected!) and after the movie I was sitting on a bench and a girl almost fell because she was walking forward while looking back and keeping an eye on my shoes!

The story is not OVER!


I went to New York to go see Arthur Darvill in Once (a great play and I recommend it to not just whovians) and I got his autograph! I also asked him “I know this is a weird question but can you also sign my shoe?” He was awesome about it and loved my shoe! I wasn’t going to ask him to sign the shoe, but I decided on a whim!


“These are cool shoes!” he said back and that made my night/week/month/life! He signed them above his photo and even pointed an arrow to his photo under the signature! He told me he had never signed a shoe before! He hugged me and took a picture with me! He is an awesome guy!


My first autograph in person and it was really special! Who knew Rory can sing and play the guitar!?

I am never wearing the shoes again, but I think I got my moneys worth!


That is the story of my $8 shoes!

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