Doctor Who late!

So most of you have already seen Day of the Doctor, and I know I am posting this late but I got distracted by the events in the previous post!  I already had this written up, but got sooo excited by if/then and the holidays that I had to post it immediately!

Also I wish they did more in America!  I know I said this before, but argh I wanted some fun and celebration here!

So onto the awesomeness of Doctor Who and the fans who love it!

I decided to go see Doctor Who at the theatre, I thought it would be awesome to see the movie with a whole bunch of other whovians and also I heard there was extra content! Woot!

So I head into the shopping center where the movie theatre screening the show is and need to get something to eat, the Potbellys (sp?) is right in front of the theatre so I head in there!  IT WAS PACKED! People dressed in Doctor Who clothes or even dressed as the characters, it was crazy, and even some catchng fire fans as well!  It made me nervous because I was 2 hours early and already there were so many fans!  I finish eating and head to the theatre!

Inside I go to my theatre and outside of the door is the roped off area for us doctor who fans so we can form a line!  I see a Wilf, Donna, River, Clara, Rassilon, and Amy all standing in line with me!  I am wearing my Donna shirt, my other non-signed Doctor Who Heels, my doctor who charm bracelet (with all the current doctors) and my DW earrings!  While in line I chat with the other whovians!  I talk about Moffats craziness, Clara’s unfortunate plot, how awesome David Tennant is, meeting Arthur Darvil and how Rory is amazing, the Benedict Cumberbatch NY trip, and Tom Hiddleston’s awesomeness!


The movie was hilarious and awesome!  I can say that Moffat finally wrote a good story for this season, I was getting worried!  I loved the little things for all the generations of fans!  DT was great, he was made to be a Doctor, and I was soooo mad that he didn’t get to interact with the Bad Wolf.  I was worried when I heard that the Zygons were going to be in this movie, because having seen them in an older episode I was worried for the cheesy factor.  They were funny and not overdone!  I hate the big plot hole with the memory erasing part, but I can live with it because the Matt Smith and DT moments in that part were fantastic!  Clara did not save the day so much that the Doctor came off like the companion and DT was his funny self even if he did come off as kind of a dunce.  THe interactions between the 3 Doctors (and later the 4th Doctor) was spot on and I loved it!  They added the right amount of humor with plot development so it wasn’t just gags all around!

I was worried about the Daleks overpowering the episode like they do the universe when I first heard they were in the special.  I know they are the classic enemy but sometimes they can become overdone and eclipse an episode, and I was pleased they were a minor bad guy, but still prevalent in the episode.  Actually I loved that both evil alien species were only half of the story, while most of our mind was on on the 3 doctor interactions and their pivotal decision.

That last scene with all the Doctor look-a-likes!  Man I want that on a poster!  Loved it!

SPOILER ENDS (i think, i might let something minor slip through the cracks)

I cannot wait for the next season and the large task that the new Doctor has.  Does this make the new one 13 instead of 12? Doces 9-12 get moved up one?  I dont know the number system anymore!

I hope this next season is better than the Clara episodes with the Doctor as the companion!  Argh it bugs me that they ruined the moment of the Doctor and ‘Sexy’ stealing each other by inserting Clara into the timeline!  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MOFFAT!  YOU RUINED A LOT FO DW MOMENTS BECAUSE OF YOUR UNNEEDED CLARA TIMELINE INSERTION!

So heres to the hope that the next Doctor Who season is amazing!

Here is to the next Doctor!

Here is to Gallifry.

Here is to the fabulous job of Tennant, Smith, Hurt and Piper on this amazing and epic movie.

Here is to all the whovians who watched the show!  Here is so all my readers!

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