Happy Valentines Day

Thought I would get that out there before I start writing!

So I have found some interesting things to watch since nothing interesting has been happening (I have a big trip planned for March, so I have been saving up and not going out) around here except movies and tv.

I saw a movie called ‘After the Dark’ with the girl from ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ and Ginny from Harry Potter.  Actually now that I start listing it also had that kid from High School Musical and the guy that played Sherlock Holmes I think in 2002.  Oh and that kid from the Spy Kids movies.


It is about a group of classmates who are given a scenario about the apocalypse and which 10 they would bring into the bunker out of 21.  It is a good movie in my opinion and you can just sit and watch it on a slow day.  Now it is not for for those people who like guns and action, and there are no huge twists.  I gave it to my friend to watch and she is more of the ‘in-your-face’ kind of movie goer so she didn’t like it.  I always liked those moral questioning movies, they even mention in the beginning some of the scenarios as examples:

Ignorance is Bliss: “You are holding onto a ledge about to fall to your death and you call 3 of your friends for help.  They arrive but realize that if they try and help you, they might fall to their death as well so they step back.  You fall of the ledge, but survive (in the movie she has a parachute) and now know that your friends are not really that great of friends.  Are you happier knowing or is ignorance bliss?”

So I liked that movie.

Also my fav part was the very last iteration.



I also just finished watching Veronica Mars.  I had heard of it before but never seen it, and since I liked the trailer for the movie I thought I would watch the show.  Darn youtube and its ability to get me hooked.  Also I saw it listed on the imdv page of the guy from Enlisted!

I still can’t decide if I like nice guy Piz or Adventurous Logon.

I like the mystery shows the best, and I also like the banter between father and daughter in this show.  I am always rooting for weevil (just as a nice guy, not as a love interest) and getting frustrated with LoVe’s on and off-ness!

I can recommend this show to any lovers of detective shows and sand them on their way to watch it.



As I have mentioned I also like Enlisted, it is cute and I mainly started watching it because I miss ‘Finder’ which was brilliant but lost a very important part of it’s cast!

Intelligence is good, it is the less funny for serious version of Chuck.  I have to say that I actually like the female actresses in this show, which I usually don’t.  They play their cool, tough selves without over compensating and becoming whiny rule breakers.  Argh I hated Covert Affairs’ Annie (I think that was her name) soooooo much!  I also like the father son science duo, lol their little scenes together make me laugh!


That is it for now!  Nothing interesting is bound to happen with all the snow here and not until March!


You see something you like

If you see something you like on this blog please contact me on etsy and I will see what I can do!

The shoes I get on sale so i might be able to re-create them with others and the keychains or earrings i can make more of!

Let me know what you like and I will see what I can do!



Book of Mormon on Broadway

I just discovered the Book of Mormon the broadway musical!  The songs are hilarious and i recommend going on youtube and looking at the Tony performances they did!  That is what got me hooked!  I even made this:



When i saw the gold plate on sale at Michaels during the christmas season I knew I had to make my own golden plate!

My fav songs are:

‘Hello!’ and ‘Turn it off!’

The golden plate is a piece of the play where the new mormon converts put on a play for their visiting guests and recreate the Golden Plates (which are pages of the original Book of Mormon made of gold) by using serving plates to represent what was dug up by the all American Prophet!

Funny play, at first I had my reservations but when i heard the songs I was hooked!


Nothing new

So boring old me, nothing new has happened this month besides my Mom’s b-day!

I hope february has more excitement!  I will have valentines day and I hope to actually have something to write about for this blog!  In march though I am going to San Francisco!  FUN FUN FUN!

I thought I would post some other things i am selling on etsy!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAif they are not on there yet, then they will be on there!


christmas ornament

I made these ornaments for my family this year, they are called the melted snowman:


this picture was such a lucky shot!

He is really cute and the cool thing is that you can never bury the nose and coal!  I made them so that all you had to do was shake the ball and the pieces would rise to the top!  That was the part that freaked me out the most during travel!  What if I put in real peppercorn and a wood nose and during travel they got buried!  Would they rise back up again?  Would my family and friend just think I sent the an ornament of salt?

I also put on the bottom of the ornaments:  ”Melted Snowman of 2013″

I could have also added twigs and fabric to represent the the arms and scarf!

Small feet

My Mom’s b-day is soon so I made her some shoes!

She has really small feet and is very particular about her shoes, she loves the princess style so I made her these!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA well I say made, i should say IMPROVED!


I also saw some cute Kate Spade shoes and thought ‘hmmm, I an make those’ (because they were really expensive) and I succeeded and maybe improved them!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love them and can’t wait to wear them!

They were having a sale on shoes so I also got these shoes and redecorated them with a cherry blossom theme:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcan’t wait for march and I can go and show these off!


It goes to show you that you can improve some boring or old shoes if you just have a little fun with it!



Been away!

So I just got my new laptop!  I have been living off my iPad, which wasn’t so bad, but now i am happy for my full screen view!

I also wanted to mention that I opened a new shop on Etsy!  I sell some cute things along with those Wicked shoes I got autographed at the if/then preview!

I have started to make kanzashi, or the hair pieces you usually see geisha wear!  I couldn’t afford the expensive ones so I made my own!  I made a lot more because they are so much fun to make and posted them on etsy! (darn auto correct keeps changing Etsy into easy!

Here is the first one I am selling:


please check out my shop:



I wore my pink one all around and got lots of compliments!

come check out my shop!


It’s that time of year!

I was raised Christian, so each year I had a christmas tree for the holidays and this year is no exception!

Though these past few years I have gone christmas tree cutting with my Mom, where we both actually take the saw and pick out our favorite tree and cut that behemoth (5-6 feet) down!  It is crazy fun and also it makes the tree more personal!



We go to the tree farm and pick out the best tree we can find, and lucky we went that day even though it rained the day before, because it snowed the next day!  They would be closed, and also someone might have stolen our tree!

We dragged it back and had to get in line for the spinny string thing that tied up our tree, that is tech jargon for words I really don’t know the meaning of, and when we finally got up to the front the lady stopped us and found something in our tree…

Really menacing picture, but taken with the best of intentions!

Really menacing picture, but taken with the best of intentions!

Praying mantis eggs!  Creepy yet awesome and surprisingly huge!  She warned us to pick them out of the tree and set them in the garden when we got home so that they didn’t hatch in 30 days!  I would think it was pretty cool if the episode of Criminal Minds with the twin praying mantis killer wasn’t going through my head!  I did not need to know the fact about the females eating the males head!  Happy Holidays!

We took the tree to it new home and set it down to rest from our macho woman experience!  At one point I was carrying the 6 foot tree by myself, and I don’t mean dragging!

Faith approving of the tree!

Faith approving of the tree!

After a little rest we set the tree up and got to the lights and decorations!  We lost our big box of metal ornament hangers/thing-ies, so we went out and got some!   I had made a few more ornaments to cover up the Dollar store ones we got as gifts.  I made a Wicked one, a snowflake one, and also one with a movie reel.  The movie reel had pics in it of us cutting and bringing home the tree!  So we have an ornament on the tree of the tree coming home for the holidays!

I will post the vid of the tree cutting ornament after I get it off my camera!  I set it on an ornament rotator and took video of it spinning so you could see the entire ornament!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA do you see the Orange M&M (“When you said run, I thought you meant away”) I got from M&M world in NY!  That M&M is my favorite from the commercials so I had to get him as a souvenir!  This is his first time on the tree!


Also while unwrapping the tree we didn’t find any more praying mantis eggs!  Phew, thank goodness for that!


Happy Holidays

Sometimes, when I get the inspiration, I make cute holiday ornaments for friends and family!

This year I made some simple ones because before I made beaded ones that made me go cross eye!  I would show you the ones I made this year, but I haven’t given them out yet so I thought I would wait until after the holidays!

Here are the ornaments that were beaded:


You can click on the pic to see them up close!

They took me a long time, but this time I made some simple adorable ones that were quick!


This year I also took some gifts for friends and opened them, not to ruin them, but to bejewel them!  I know someone who loves everything sparkly and bright!  I took her little gifts, rhinestones and my favorite the GLUE GUN to go crazy on the items!  I am proud of them and made them awesome, if I do say so myself.

I also made a scrapbook for another friend, I wont say who, that I can update every year!  I can make the pages and she can enter them every year!  I had also given one to my cousin a couple years ago!  It was adorable and I love making the pages!  You dont see hand made books very much, but I love going back and looking at the memories!  I am a huge picture taker, I don’t have the best memory, and so going back and looking at the pages and the work that went into them solidifies the event in my mind!

I hope everyone can give handmade holiday gifts to family and friends so that we can share our creativity!  Lol and they dont need to be complicated presents, they can be simple!  Trust me the ones I made this year took no time at all!




Black List:

The conclusion to the this part of the Black List was good, it was a little predictable in parts though.  The get-away and the higher power boss man was predictable but a cool guest star!  It was nice to finally get those cameras in the house discovered though!  FBI covert person she is not, not paranoid enough to be working for this super secret sect. Though denying the family relationship was a shocker, was he lying or telling the truth!?

Once Upon a TIme:

Just found this series but have become hooked, lol and not just on Hook, with on the crazy plots and stories.  It kinda makes me want to go back and watch all my disney movies!  Also I want an OZ world!  I would recommend this show for a person who loves magic shows like Merlin and also loves drama because the interconnected world is like a spider web where everyone has had a part in shaping everyone else’s lives!

The show is so crazy and it knows it so the audience can just have a good time trying to follow the crazy family tree.  The child actor is not the best, but give the kid a break, and Gold is spectacular!  I kind wish Belle was French like in the cartoon, but I still love the actress.  Pan in the real world is going to be fun and I cannot wait for the new episode.

Also I think it is really cute that the actors for Snow White and Prince Charming are actually engaged, or married not sue which.


A korean drama with Lee min-ho and Park shin-hye.  Now I cannot stand Hallmark channel or Life time feel-good-ieres that have waaay toooo many goodie-two-shoes and love stories.  I have a few exception to American love stories like ‘A Walk to Remember’ (where I bawl my eyes out) that I go crazy for but usually I need action or a fast pace.

The only love stories I can stand are foreign ones, I am sucker for them!  They are my inner romantic out-let!  Heirs is the usual story or a poor girl and a rich guy that fall in love, but I also love the stories of all the other characters!  The black mail, the backstabbing, the love, the secrets, the affairs, the plotting, lol it has me hooked!  Now if your new to the Korean dramas then you might want to start with the simpler older korean drama Boys Before Flowers.  Same male lead actor but less plot lines!  Heirs has A LOT of plot lines.  The main characters, the older brother, the father, the secretary, the students, the parents, the real mom, and the rival!  It can get a little complicated!

They did shoot the first couple of episodes in America, California, and had an APALLING American actor!  It was painful to watch and I fast forwarded through those parts.  One thing we learn in Korean Dramas is that any American actor is usually bad!

Can’t think of anything else to type up for TV shows at the moment!

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